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I moved from Georgia to live my gender queer life six years ago. I have traveled a good bit of the country since then and have taken a lot of photos. These images are all images that I sent to my parents for them to see the country since they don’t get to travel. It was a way for us to travel together and many of them I took with them in mind. The stenciling in the images is about our separate but simulaneously connected journeys. This series always starts with the image from the wreck of the U.S.S Arizona at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii and ends with an image of one of the Very Large Array facing east in New Mexico. There are about 50 images total in this series. Traveling through this series is hope and longing, connection and disconnection, closeness and distance.

untitled (family trip) 6, antelope island, utah
untitled (family trip) 6, antelope island, utah
photography and acrylic