Rae Strozzo is a trans masculine, non binary artist, writer, educator and activist. They received their B.A. in English and philosophy from Georgia Southern University in 1997. They graduated with an M.F.A in photography from the University of Arizona in May 2008. In May of 2017, they graduated with a Masters of Social Transformation from the Pacific School of Religion.

    They have taught photography, worked in case management and non-profit spaces, and have been a part of LBGTQ community education since 2005. They taught at Pima Community College until 2015. They served as the Program Coordinator for the Southern Arizona Gender Alliance and then as case manager with Our Family Services in Tucson. They have also worked as a case manager and in the Quality Assurance department at the Southern Arizona AIDS foundation in Tucson.

    If you are interested in booking Rae for a workshop on art and mediation or on LBGTQ+ training for your workplace, community group, or spiritual organization, please send them a message here or to their email listed on the contact page.

    For information about art for sale or commissions, please leave a message here or contact them at their email listed on the contact page.

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    “it’s she but the s is silent”
    TC Tolbert, Territories of Folding

    My work comes from a very personal place. It is about growing up a southern girl and becoming a transmasculine person in the west. My trans life doesn’t just revolve around issues of gender identity and body, but of family, connection, spirituality and truth. The works on this site touch on all of these and wrestle with the notions of attachment and disconnect, revealing and privacy, hope and regret.

    Currently, my work is exploring the connections between the visual and memory and healing.