from darkness, beauty arises > flowers

pink roses in various steps of bloom surrounded by dark clouds that situate the depth of the flowers off of the white paper
SOLD kateryna shrub roses
watercolor on paper

This piece was commissioned by a friend who is also a trauma therapist. She let me know that she has decided to hang in in her office. As she was looking for the right spot, she said, ". . .but I have to tell you how all my clients are commenting on it I love telling the title of the collection it comes from and that it was made by someone how has experienced trauma. A core group of my folks were adamant that it needed to be placed in the corner where we do 1 on 1 therapy so it could be a source of support."

I cannot think of a better life for a piece of my work. I am honored and humble to have thus little piece of shared journey with my friend's clients.