rae strozzo
untitled (family trip) 1, view from the wreck of the U.S.S. Arizona in Pearl Harboruntitled (family trip) 12, patrick's point near eureka, cauntitled (family trip) 3, hwy 128, near Moab Utahuntitled (family trip) 4, waikiki beach, Hawaiiuntitled (family trip) 6, antelope island, utahuntitled (family trip) 5, a farm near eureka, cauntitled (family trip) 7, wine country, cauntitled (family trip) 8, grand canyon south rim, azuntitled (family trip) 9, snowbird utah ski resort in summeruntitled (family trip) 10, arches national park, utahuntitled (family trip) 11, windmill fields near los angeles, cauntitled (family trip) 2, meteor crater, AZuntitled (family trip) 13, cadillac ranch near amarillo, txuntitled (family trip) 14, very large array, nm
untitled (family trip)