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Touch The Sky
"Only from the heart can we touch the sky." - Rumi

When I was trying to discover what my Higher Power looked like, I could not help but look up. My two years of seminary and the years studying Buddhism have sent me not only looking up but also looking inward. Open sky is a place of vastness and constant shifts. To touch the heart of my own humanity and that of others is reflected in that openness. The cloud photos are about finding a concept of the flow of the universe. To look up is to then also let go.

The cloud armor is my now – my joining of heaven, earth and humanity. I feel incredibly vulnerable as a trans person, as a person who cares about other people, as someone who has worked with LBGTQ survivors of violence and being one myself. I am learning that to be in now is to be vulnerable, but also to need armor. The balance is finding strength as I look out and let go and have that be a part of that armor. It is also in seeing my humanity in the flow of the universe, in the openness of the clouds, that both opens my sensitivity and compassion that also acts as protection and realness to wear in the midst of and for change.

Look up. Let go. Create.